Continuous vaginal white discharge happens, but in very small quantity. It remains inside the private part only does not come out on outer parts nor on the clothes. after making wudhu and while performing Salah if I feel the discharge but it never gets on clothes .it remains inside the private parts. does still will I have to insert cotton in private parts for keeping wudhu. or it is not required . I usually suffer from rashes and fungal infections so it is very difficult and very painful for me to keep cotton always.
asked Aug 5, 2018 in Taharah (Purity) Ablution &Bath by azhad1

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Ref. No. 39/1080

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most merciful

The answer to your question is as follows:

Your wudhu is not broken unless the vaginal discharge appears on the outer part of vagina. If you merely feel any discharge during namaz and you are not sure then continue your namaz and check after namaz if there is any spot. If there is nothing then you have nothing to do but if you find any spot on body or cloths then wash the smeared area and repeat the wudhu and namaz.

And Allah knows best

Darul Ifta

Darul Uloom Waqf Deoband


answered Aug 5, 2018 by Darul Ifta