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Assalamu alaikum wrwb
this is with reference to our conversation, Requesting you to issue us a fatwa. We the committee at Modi Masjid have thought of shaeed the masjid and construct a new masjid in its place, due to space constrains we would like to shift the 5 times prayers to the adjacent building which is not a part of the masjid. we would like to know if this is permissible. Thanking you, Jazak Allah Kair.
Anees Ahmed
for Modi masjid
asked Aug 5, 2015 in Masajid & Madaris by aneesahmad

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Ref. No. 1265 Alif

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful

The answer to your question is as it follows:

What are the reasons to demolish the Masjid? If it is due to the lack of space or the walls of the Masjid are so weak that they might fall at anytime, then the people of this mohalla should perform their daily prayers in another Masjid nearby if there is any. Else they can perform their daily prayers in a building near this Masjid; although the rules of Masjid are not applicable to the place there they perform namaz for the time being.
And Allah knows best

Darul Ifta

Darul Uloom Waqf Deoband

answered Aug 5, 2015 by Darul Ifta