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So far, we have talked to you a little bit about the amazing features of Blue Sky plan crack software, now it is better to name its features for you to make you more familiar with this software.

    With this software, you can complete the treatment plan by directly adding a virtual tooth and comfortably treating the patient.
    By using this software, you can see 360 ​​degrees around each tooth implant so you can get acquainted with its anatomical structure.
    Blue Sky plan crack, can help you see the anatomy of the teeth and jaw with high quality and at the same time have access to better simulation options so that you can choose the right method.
    This software has various modules such as surgical guide, cephalometry, orthodontics, and artificial tooth implantation.
    You can use this software to create a copy of the implant so that you can accurately check its position next to the teeth and other implants and use the appropriate method to place the implant.

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