I took bath at daytime and slept after it. After waking up i prayed asar and maghrib but at isha time i noticed white dried discharge on my underwear. I felt discharge came out after maghrib but i doubt it maybe it came during sleep please guide me i m having alot of waswasas i took bath today only fue to thoughts of wet dream. Also i had this discharge two days back while i was walking and i m sure about it. Do i have to take bath again aur wudhu is enough?
asked Sep 14, 2020 in Taharah (Purity) Ablution &Bath by Arwakhan01

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Ref. No. 1142/42-372

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful

The answer to your question is as follows:

The white substance maybe discharged when you were sleeping in before Asr. You have to repeat the Asr and Maghrib after taking a compulsory bath. Due to only thoughts of wet dream, Ghusl is not obligatory on you until you see semen discharge. The discharge you feel due to lust without visible semen is called ‘Mazi’. Due to Mazi, only wadhu is broken not Ghusl.

And Allah knows best

Darul Ifta

Darul Uloom Waqf Deoband

answered Sep 20, 2020 by Darul Ifta